SFP 10G Uplink 40Km
August 25, 2020
440 3ways node
August 25, 2020
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SFP 1G Uplink 40Km range

Absolute Maximum Ratings
Parameter Unit Min. Typical Max.
Power Supply V 0 4.2
Storage Ambient Temperature °C -40 85
Operating Case Temperature °C -40 85
Operating Relative Humidity % 5 95
Receiver Damaged Threshold dBm 0
3.Operating Condition
Parameter Unit Min. Typical Max.
Power Supply V 3.1 3.3 3.5
Operating Case Temp for C-temp °C -10 70
Operating Relative Humidity % 5 95
Data Rate(TX/RX) Gbit/s 1.25

Compatible IEEE 802.3ah 1000BASE-PX20++ Enhanced GEPON application
Applied to EPON OLT for a Single Fiber Bi-directional EPON System
SFP, Single SC connector, Digital Diagnostic Interface Compliant with SFF-8472
Burst Digital Receiving Signal Strength Indication (RSSI)
Single 3.3V power supply
Operation case temperature -10~70°C for commercial
RoHS-6 compliance

Touch Screen Optical Time
Domain Reflectomete.

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