OPTICAL PATCH CORDS 5 Meter (sc upc sc upc)
August 26, 2020
August 26, 2020
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2. Cable fixing
Will stripping cable inserted into the hole good fiber optic cable, through the hose hoops and cable strengthen core placed to strengthen the core press block press tightly, and then the cable fixed with stainless steel hose hoops.
3.Optical fiber connection
According to the picture shows to pigtail or splitter (input) welding and welding after the completion of the layout will be in accordance with pictures of optical fiber, pigtail,heat shrinkable protective sleeve and splitter is put to the corresponding position and be fixed, take fiber with protective coat and pigtail end with nylon tie fixed,the heat shrinkable protective sleeve useful rubber cover plate fixed, the splitter used double-sided tape fixed, finally cover the transparent plate.
4.Fiber outlet holes sealing
Step1. Path cord (outlet) according to insert the order of the adapter ordinal put corresponding slots;
Step2. Take out path cord (outlet) sealing ring, will do the path cord (outlet) package closely;
Step3. Will do the path cord(outlet) sealing ring from the corresponding pressed into the slots, to the bottom;
Step4. Plug of fiber outlet holes have acted the path cord (outlet ) of the part to cut off;
Step5. Cut the plug will be prepared from terminal box external to the fiber outlet holes into within;
5.Installation fixing
A.Wall-mounting installatin(standard configuration)
According to your drawings on the wall a crossed punch, and then will plastic expand into flush with metope;
By tapping screws twist into plastic expand, to tapping screws tail and metope 4 mm distance;
Will do the base of lock hole big head the most standard of screw into, and down lock.


Description for The Fiber Optic Cable Terminal Box: Water-proof design for outdoor uses. Mechanical seal: good sealing, can repeat use. Protective level:IP65. Laying: outdoor wall-mounting and pole-mounting. FTTH products ,passive optical points wirin

    1. FTTH products, passive optical points wiring special terminal box;
    2. The box body to scroll type structure, it has the function of guard against theft, large capacity function complete, easy to use;
    3. Can meet the following Ф 12 cable into, and can meet the figure 8 or Φ 3 cable protective in splice connection;
    4. Can be installed 1:8 1:12 1:16SC or 1:16 1:24 1:32LC Mini- splitter;
    5. LC biggest for 32 core, SC biggest for 16 core.
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