Introduction: Fiber cleaver SKL-6C cable cutting knife FTTT fiber optic knife tools cutter High Precision Fiber Cleavers 16 surface bladeAutomatic knife backAuthentic fiber cleaver is imported from Koreadeveloped a technology for Splice can meet the heat-fusible fiber a multi-purpose cutters,products using high-strength blade surface 16 points, longer life, comes with triple fixturescan be incision line, pigtails and bare fiber, automatic back knife slides, just put away the cover and push in the fiber cover to complete all the cutting workCoating Diameter: 250um ~ 900umCleaver Dimensions: about 71.3 x 67.2 x 51mmApplication: silicon optical fiberPackage Includes:1 x Fiber Cleaver SKL-6C 3 x Allen Wrench 1 x Black Bag.