1. 19″ standard size , easy install
2. Light weight, strong strength, good anti-shocking and dustproof
3. Well cable management, cable can be distinguished easily
4. Roomy space ensure fiber bent ratio
5. Adapter fence can be installed or uninstalled
6. Drawer with guild rail.

  • Widen working space
  • Individual distribution panel for efficient work
  • Steel Plates and Aluminum Alloy
  • Suitable for inserting installation of SC FC ST and LC adaptor
  • Front and rear Covers can be opened, it is conveniences for Fiber connecting, supervising and maintaining
  • All kinds of types and specifications are available.
  • 24-core Fusion splicing and Distributing Module
  • Adaptor installation and Fusion splicing points fixed in the module
  • Suitable for ribbon and common cables.