Power Pon EDFA (4 Ports 17dBM)
August 25, 2020
16×22 dBM Extra High power EDFA
August 26, 2020
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8×23 dBM Extra High power EDFA


  1. 1550nm EDFA Use  Imported famous low-noise pump laser, which is low pre-distortion, broad channels and high output optical power.

2.Steady imported Erbium-Doped Fiber, high efficiency of power transmission.

3.Advanced Microprocessor with perfect automatic control circuit monitor the various operating status of the optical output power and pump laser timely and correctly. Dependability and stability are better.

4.Front panel blue 160×32 display, shows various main work status parameters.

5.19″ 1U high-standard framework type installation

6.Support GB/T 20030-2005HFC Network control management

Principle Drawing

Technique Parameter

Item Unit Technique Parameter Remark
Operating Wideband nm 1530 – 1565
Input Optic Power dBm Normal:-7 – +10dBm Ultra-low: -15 – +7dBm
Output Optic Power dBm 13 – 27
Output Power stability dBm ±0.5
Noise Figure dB ≤ 5.0 Output Optical Power 0dBm
Return Loss Input End dB ≥ 45
Output End dB ≥ 45
Power of Pump leak Input End dBm ≤ -30
Output End dBm ≤ -30
(C/N) dB ≥ 51
(C/CTB) dB ≥ 63
(C/CSO) dB ≥ 63
Connector Type FC/APC or SC/APC or LC
Supply Voltage V AC160V – 250V (50 Hz)/48VDC it can be set with Dual-power hot-backup supply
Operating Temperature °C -10 – +55
Max Relative Humidity % Max95%No Condensation
Storage Temperature °C -40 – +70
Max Relative Humidity for Storage % Max95%No Condensation

. Built in DWM for Triple Play.
. Electronic Pump Switch.
. Double Power Supply.
. With 100% new JDSU laser pump warranty.

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