August 26, 2020
August 26, 2020
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Optical Transmitter 1310nm

Product appication

Single-mode fiber 1310 amplification network/ FTTH network/CATV network/PON network

Technique Parameter


Item Unit Technical Parameters
Optical wavelength nm 1310±10
Optical output power mw 2-30
Laser type DFB laser
Light Modulation Direct light intensity modulation
Connector type FC/APC or SC/APC
Bandwidth MHz 47-862(1000MHz customized)
RF input power dBuV 75-85
Flatness dB ±0.75
RF test port level dBuV -10
Input port isolation dB ≥50
AGC accurate dB 0.25
MGC adjustable range dB 0~15
RF input impedance Ω 75
Input return loss ≥16
CN ≥51
C/CTB ≥65
C/CSO ≥60
Supply voltage V AC90-265V& DC-30V~-72V
Consumption W 15
Operating Temperature -5 ~ +55
Max Relative Humidity % Max 95% no condensation
Net weight kg 3.5
Size mm  440x330x50

1310nm optical transmitters designed according to the telecommunication stand,converting the CATV rf amplitude signal into 1310nm optical signalthen through single mode optical fiber to the optical node in HFC network,maily used for TV signal,digital TV signal.telephone voice signal and data signal long distance transmission.

1310nm optical transmitter is equipped with reliable stable optical output power circuit and pump laser thermoelectric refrigerator temperature control circuit to ensuer the best performance of the equipment and expand the laser span.With professional heat dissipation structure design,intelligent temperature control fan and low power consumption make it to be the ideal choice for building the large and medium-sized optical transmission network.

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