16×22 dBM Extra High power EDFA
August 26, 2020
EPON 8 Ports Layer 3 OLT
August 26, 2020
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4×22 dBM Extra High power EDFA

This erbium-doped  amplifier is mainly to solve the external hot backup power supply, users can configure backup power supply according to the power of arbitrary, damaged power supply does not need to open lid can be arbitrary replacement, light box adopts modular structure and convenient maintenance.

It is an important transmission equipment of 1550nm optical fiber communication system, mainly used for television image signals, digital TV, telephone voice signal and the signal of the data (or compressed data) optical fiber transmission over a long distance.

This amplifier is cost-effective, easy installation, which makes it to be the ideal equipment to build large and medium-size of1550nm catv optical fiber transmission network.


  1. SC/APC or FC/APC or SC/PC or FC/PC optical connector.
  2. Optional dual hot plug power supply: AC220V or DC48V.
  3. 19″ 1U standard rack, high quality brushed aluminum shell with good heat dissipation.
  4. EDFA module can be removed and replaced easily.
  5. Internal SNMP can control the working index remotelly.

Front Panel 144*32 lattice blue LCD display  can display the working index of the

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. Built in DWM for Triple Play.
. Electronic Pump Switch.
. Double Power Supply.
. With 100% new JDSU laser pump warranty.

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